Benevolence Ministry

This ministry’s purpose is to aid and assist the members and community with emergency, non-emergency, transient, and short-term assistance. The Benevolence Ministry includes the Social Services Ministry who meets the needs not only of the congregation, but also the needs of the surrounding community when possible through the means of the food pantry and clothing closet. Contact: Mark Reid

Children’s Ministry (C.I.A.) and Youth Ministries

Children In Action!! This newly implemented and focused ministry has been set up to strategically meet the needs of our children from ages 3 to 11. This ministry works to meet the needs of the children through events and classes. There is also a focused Children’s Church hour on the 1st and 3rd Sundays during the worship experience. Contact: Rev. Chelsea Klyce, Elizabeth Patrick, Ladonna Braswell

The Youth Ministry strategically meet the needs of our youth from 12 – 17. This ministry helps to plan and teach with emphasis to this present generation through classes, events, conferences, and workshops. There is also a focused Children’s Church hour on the 2nd and 4th Sundays during the worship experience. Contact: Rev. Chelsea Klyce, Nina Woods, Hafeeza Davis

Christian Education Ministry

The purpose of this ministry is to provide a well-rounded and strategic plan of learning for the seasoned converts as well as the new converts to the Christian faith. Christian Education hour is held on Saturday, Wednesday noon and evening. This ministry also provides seminars and conferences of enrichment annually under the HFBC W.T. Webb Christian Leadership School. Contact: Pastor William Watson, Dr. Sarah Chatman, Rev. Matthew Marshall, Rev. Christina Jones, Charles Jackson, Rev. Bob Sparks, Rev. Chelsea Klyce

College Ministry Team

The purpose of this ministry is to be a care unit for the students who attend our fellowship during the course of the year from the various higher learning institutions in the local and extended area. Contact: Rev. Matthew Marshall

Congregational Care Ministry

The purpose of this ministry is to meet the needs of the ministry fellowship through the visitation of sick/bereavement and through the worship experience on Sunday mornings. Contact: Rev. Ollie Patrick

Culinary Ministry

This purpose of this ministry is to prepare, serve and coordinate meals served at the church. This ministry is responsible for food preparation, ordering supplies, monitoring inventory, and etc. Contact: Zelda Jones


The purpose of this ministry is to offer support to the congregation’s needs and the ministry of the tables of the church. This ministry is also immediately responsible to the care and support of the pastor in carrying out the overall vision and mission of the church fellowship. Contact: Deacon Milton Davis

Evangelism Ministry

The purpose of this ministry is to specifically tool and aid the church in achieving the overall great commission of the entire church. Matthew 28:18-20. Contact: Latarsha Hannah-Huff

Health Ministry

The purpose of this ministry is to make available Christ-centered, holistic health information for HFBC members to encourage healthy minds, bodies, and souls. Contact: Shanea Hines

Hospitality and Ushers Ministry

The purpose of this ministry is to greet and care for those who attend any of our worship services or fellowship events. This team makes sure that everyone is welcomed. The Ushers ministry cares for the members in each worship service experience. This team provides personal care to each member, friend, and visitor as they are welcomed into the presence of the Lord. Contact: Zelda Jones

Media/Marketing Ministry

The Media Ministry serves as an evangelistic extension of the Church that focuses on spreading the word of God through media. This ministry prepares and reviews internal and external information that announces services/events for the church. This team deals with outside/internal media promotions and the church’s printed information for clarity and consistency. Contact: Khadija Payne

Men’s Ministry

The goal of the Men’s Ministry is to bring men into a love relationship with God. This ministry brings men together to become godly men, and encourages them to lead via bible-based principles to encourage and enrich their leadership in the church, their families, and community outreach. Contact: Deacon Mark Suggs

Music and Worship Arts Ministry

The mission of the Music Ministry is to oversee the incorporation of music and dance into the worship experience. It provides support to the Pastor through the Word in music. The components of this ministry include the Mass Choir, Male Chorus, Youth Choir, Children’s Choir, Praise Team and Liturgical Dance Team. Contact: Elijah Shelton

New Members Ministry

The purpose of this ministry is to guide new members through the process of salvation, rededication, or Christian experience responses. This ministry helps new members navigate through Historic First Baptist Church and become assimilated into the life of the church by utilizing their gifts. Contact: Min. Matthew and Rachel Marshall

Prayer Ministry

This purpose of this ministry is to enhance the prayer life of the entire congregation and offer a corporate time of prayer weekly. Contact: Pastor William L. Watson

Recreational Ministry

This ministry’s purpose is to help oversee and sometimes promote activities for the fellowship of believers. This team oversees church trips and community functions. This includes the annual church trip, church community picnic, and health fair. Contact: Deacon Michael Hart

Scholarship Ministry Team

The purpose of this ministry is to help in financial cost of furthering the education of those students who are members of this fellowship who are trying to achieve a higher education through college or trade schooling. Contact: Kimberly Hicks

Senior Ministry

The Senior Ministry was implemented to focus on a specific age group of 65 and older in the church as they continue their spiritual walk, to empower significance and relevance within the church, and to focus on the complete well-being of our Seniors. To collaborate, as well as advocate, based on the need of support, recognition and assistance of available programs for the “Aging”, for Health Insurance, Nutrition Assistance, Transportation, Senior Living Information, Housing and Utility Assistance, as well as staying abreast of new benefits available. Contact: Terry Falls, Lily Rogers

Singles Ministry

The Singles Ministry of HFBC is to teach singles how to live a productive life for Christ no matter where they are in their singlehood. It also teaches them how to be successful where God has them at this season in their life and how to prepare them where they are asking God to take them. Contact: Synnamon Taylor

Sound Ministry

The purpose of this ministry is to utilize their technical abilities to enhance the ministry of sound, vocalists and instrumentalists. This ministry encourages active participation in worship, as they develop special music rehearsals and performances to help ensure the right volume and balance for the entire facility. Contact: Mario Marshall

Transportation Ministry

The purpose of this ministry is to provide safe, reliable transportation to and from services for those HFBC members who are in need of this service. Contact: Ronald Taylor


The Trustees of HFBC help manage and care for the facility, grounds, and the organizational life of the congregation. They are employing wisdom to ensure the care for and best use of the resources that God has given to the church. Contact: Michael Hart

Women’s Ministry

The Women’s Ministry of HFBC is a community of women who gather to fellowship, mentor, and connect in a safe, supportive environment. This ministry is where women engage with God while uplifting and encouraging one another in their faith. Contact: Kathy Taylor